Center for Engaged Storycraft ($500) Fall 2019: Received to facilitate a 1-credit workshop about the storytelling of addiction taught by two faculty from NYC. The workshop was set for April 2020 but due to COVID-19 will be postponed to run in fall 2020.

Provost Learning Innovation Grant ($4000) Fall 2016: Received grant with colleagues Jenn Poggi, Nitin Sampat, Susan Lakin, Juilee Decker and Joe Geigel, to purchase new 360 video and audio gear for experimentation in class and through Frameless Labs, a cohort of professors interested in working with 360 video storytelling.

FEAD Faculty Mentoring Grant, Fall 2015: Received grant with colleagues Andrea Hickerson and Ammina Kothari to attend Journalism Interactive Conference at the University of Florida with the intent on collaboration in teaching between Journalism and Photojournalism professors. Collaborations have taken place in several PJ and JOUR courses since.

Photophilanthropy (now called Catchlight) Activist Awards ($15,000) 2010: Winner of the top grant in the professional division to continue work with NGOs CODENI (Mexican Children’s Rights Collective) and AHALA (Americans Helping Latin American Youth), which promote the rights of children throughout Mexico. Award based on proposal and edit of images from my project, Indigenous Migration within Mexico. Currently partnering with both organizations to produce work collaboratively.

Fulbright Scholar 2008-2009: Grant from the U.S. State Department in the field of Photography to pursue a year-long project documenting the migration of indigenous people from rural regions to urban areas within México. I also developed and taught an 8-month course to 20 street children on photography which culminated in a museum gallery show.